How to Have Sex Outdoors

Focus on the Fun

It is okay to be scared, especially when you are having sex in a place that people frequent. However, if you have chosen to have it outdoors, don’t think too much about what could happen after you start playing. Feeling nervous and scared will only prevent you from enjoying the experience. Therefore, let it out and enjoy the moment. Sometimes, it is the nervousness that makes the experience better.

Come Up with an Exit Plan

An exit plan is just as important as finding a secluded space for outdoor sex. As you select a nice place for outdoor sex, consider a way out in the event that an uninvited guest shows up. Also remember that safe sex practices like using a condom and how to properly dispose it after use. It is also advisable that you consider how you will clean up so it does not seem obvious to everyone that sees you coming out that you were having sex.

Outdoor sex is incredible. However, you should follow these tips to avoid embarrassing yourselves.

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